nedelja, 2. december 2007

:: End of Kalidays '07 ::

Thursday, 29th November / Closure of Kalidays ‘07 Festival at Gospodarsko razstavišče. Shouts out to the whole organization team for putting together such a fun and exciting event. High-fives to all the people who attended the festival! Thanks to Studio Delo for giving us an opportunity to talk nonsense infront of a camera. Always wanted to do that. After the official end of this year's festival, the officially unofficial party continued at Orto Bar. Lotta fun, lotta beer. Solving the world's problems with Jos van der Lee and talking advertising with Martin Mol was...priceless. As our friend Toni Šolar put it:«You ain’t much, if you ain’t Dutch!« Guys, Ovca&Krava still owes you a beer. And to Toni.

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