sreda, 5. december 2007

:: Tovarna vizij ::

Tuesday, 4th December / After successful parking-fee-evasion manouvers on Kongresni Trg, Aleš and I made the shortest ever visit to Kavarna Maček. We also shot a quick mobile-movie for the previous post, so Aleš could take his directing skills for a spin. Tovarna vizij was my next stop. I met with Sanja, my designer, and it was up the stairs of Resljeva 1, where Martin Mol was already waiting for us, together with the director of Tovarna vizij, Iztok Aberšek - he seemed a cool guy. They loved our Kinoteka idea and now we have to (and want to!) come up with ideas for the whole campaign! TV Ad, Print Ad, Poster, Felix cards – you name it!
Afterwards we went for a beer with Martin – he’s a great guy to talk to! And can we have a big round of applause? He’s just become a father!

Here's a quick pic from Tovarna vizij, made especially for the Ovca&Krava blog. Iztok on the left, Martin on the right. Guys, thanks for posing! Sorry you can't see Sanja, but someone had to be holding the camera:)


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